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Welcome to Magic C++! Magic C++ V3.5 released now.
Magic C++ is not just an editor! Magic C++ is a fully visual integrated development environment designed to meet the requirements of programmers developing on any remote UNIX platform and local Cygwin/MinGW under windows.

Target Audience

Magic C++ can be used by virtually any C++ programmer, especially for those working on remote UNIX platforms using a Windows local client, also for those working on local Windows platform using Cygwin/MinGW as the development environment. It allows programmers developing on UNIX platform to benefit from the many familiar time-saving features provided by Windows. And at the same time utilizing existing server based compilers and debuggers, (enterprise users, for example, could remain using their enhanced gcc compiler, dbx and gdb debugger) with more stability and efficiency ,

Through an integrated approach to editing, compiling and debugging, Magic C++ makes it easy to develop software regardless of whether the file is simply on your PC or located on a remote server running any flavor of the UNIX operating system.

Protocol Family

Magic C++ needs FTP/SFTP to transfer files , and RDA/TELNET/SSH to execute commands.

Magic C++ deploys the established protocols of file transfer protocol(FTP/SFTP) and command execute protocol (RDP/TELNET/SSH) to communicate with remote servers. It makes your work more efficient with real time communication with the server.

By integrating support for these protocols, Magic C++ presents a seamless interface to open and edit files, and execute commands of compiler and debugger. When comparing this to a conventional development process which would usually involve juggling a text editor, file transfer utility and terminal window,The advantages Magic C++ gives users become immediately apparent.

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